World Class | Post Production Collective

The Maze Creative represents a Super Talented and Experienced remote Post-Production Collective.
This A-Team includes experienced creative professionals:  Offline Editors, Colourists, Animators, VFX artists, Online Editor/Compositor and Final Mix Audio engineers, who have extensive history working together for many years.

The team is represented and managed by Shaun Froneman based in the UK, with most of the extended team working from their own respective studios in South Africa.
As a result, our rates are highly competitive to the international market. All projects are managed and run remotely via online streamed sessions.

Meet the A-Team

Shaun Froneman

Online Artist / VFX / Animation / Producer

Shaun is a skilled specialist in the field of online editing and compositing, with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. He has an exceptional eye for detail and an innate ability to bring projects to life through creative and technical expertise.

As a leader in Animation VFX teams, Shaun has produced remarkable post projects for digital and TV production. He has a particular passion for online editing and compositing, and his extensive knowledge in this area has made him an expert in his field.

Shaun’s hands-on approach has enabled him to become a motivated and balanced leader and mentor. He takes pride in developing highly skilled internal talent pools and celebrates creativity while removing barriers to delivery. His positive and tenacious attitude allows him to excel within a high-performance culture, even under pressure.

See some of Shaun’s work below:

Jamie Taylor

House On Fire
Offline Editor

Jamie Taylor is a multi award winning offline editor, with 15 years experience in commercials, films, promos and music videos.

He has a great understanding of story arcs and narratives. Having worked on various film, series and TV commercials.

See some of Jamie’s work below:

Sean Jefferis

Final Mix Audio Engineer

Sean is a super talented, experienced sound engineer and final mix audio engineer, who loves to makes noise… lots of it!
With over 15 years of experience, he has worked on many commercials, series and films.

See some of Sean’s work below:

Nic Apostoli

Comfort and Fame
Digital Colourist

Nic began his career in colour grading in 2004. Since then he has moved from strength to strength, becoming one of South Africa’s top commercial colourist.

Coming from a film background Nic believes that in the digital arena one must still be fastidious and disciplined, time must be devoted to professional colour grading ensuring an enhancement in the viewers experience.

In 2015, Nic opened Comfort and Fame, a boutique colour grading studio based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Using his creative eye Nic prides himself in his work and his ability to craft beautiful images from any form of acquisition.

See some of Nic’s work below: